Implications of electromyographic feedback for essential hypertensive patients.



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Texas Tech University


The general purpose of the present study was to investigate hypothesized therapeutic aspects of biofeedback relaxation techniques in controlling diastolic blood pressure.

There have been reports from the Far East for several hundred years of yogis who have been able to control bodily functions normally not under the control of the autonomic nervous system, such as heartbeat, body temperature, and amount of oxygen taken in. These early reports indicated the possibility of gaining voluntary control over internal bodily functions (Kamiya, Barber, DiCara, Miller, Shapiro, & Stoyva, 1971). However, these reports did not suggest techniques by which voluntary control could be taught to a sample of selected individuals. To be widely applied, some feasible techniques had to be developed for the control of internal bodily functions (Kamiya et al., 1971).