Transient analysis of silicon carbide power MOSFET



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This thesis illustrates the transient performance of Silicon carbide (4H-SiC) Power MOSFET. Transient analysis enables the designer to understand the thermal stress the semiconductor device undergoes while dissipating high power for short period of time. Silicon carbide has been a material of interest in the development of High Power Semiconductor device especially due to its wide band gap and high temperature operational stability. This research focuses on the transient performance of vertical D-MOSFET structure at room temperature and elevated ambient temperature conditions. The 2D device model was created and simulated using Silvaco© ATLAS Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) physics based simulation software. Physics based models were included to accurately model electrical device parameters like mobility, impact ionization, Lattice heating etc.. Orcad PSPICE student version and B2 SPICE A/D V4 LITE simulation tools were also used to verify the circuits before simulating it via Silvaco. In order to aid the research on MOSFET, a parallel plane Silicon Carbide PIN diode was first designed and simulated for its DC characteristics.