An Integrative Approach to Reliability Analysis of an IEC 61850 Digital Substation



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In recent years, reliability evaluation of substation automation systems has received a significant attention from the research community. With the advent of the concept of smart grid, there is a growing trend to integrate more computation and communication technology into power systems.

This thesis focuses on the reliability evaluation of modern substation automation systems. Such systems include both physical devices (current carrying) such as lines, circuit breakers, and transformers, as well as cyber devices (Ethernet switches, intelligent electronic devices, and cables) and belong to a broader class of cyber-physical systems. We assume that the substation utilizes IEC 61850 standard, which is a dominant standard for substation automation.

Focusing on IEC 61850 standard, we discuss the failure modes and analyze their effects on the system. We utilize reliability block diagrams for analyzing the reliability of substation components (bay units) and then use the state space approach to study the effects at the substation level. Case study is based on an actual IEC 61850 substation automation system, with different network topologies consideration concluded.

Our analysis provides a starting point for evaluating the reliability of the substation and the effects of substation failures to the rest of the power system. By using the state space methods, the steady state probability of each failure effects were calculated in different bay units. These probabilities can be further used in the modeling of the composite power system to analyze the loss of load probabilities.