Determination of fission product yields of 235U using gamma ray spectroscopy



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It is important to have a method of experimentally calculating fission product yields. Statistical calculations and simulations produce very large uncertainties. Experimental calculations, depending on the methods used, tend to produce lower uncertainties. This work set up a method to calculate fission product yields using gamma ray spectroscopy. In order to produce a method that was theoretically sound, a simulation was set up using OrigenArp to calculate theoretical concentrations of fission products from the irradiation of natural uranium. From these concentrations, the fission product yields were calculated to verify that they would agree with expected values. Moving forward in the work, the total flux at the point of irradiation, in the pneumatic transfer system, was calculated and determined to be 3.9070E+11 ± 6.9570E+10 n/cm^2/s at 100 kW. Once the flux was calculated, the method for calculating fission product yields was implemented and yields were calculated for 10 fission products. The yields calculated were in very good agreement (within 10.04%) with expected values taken from the ENDF-349 library. This method has strong potential in nuclear forensics as it can provide a means for developing a library of experimentally-determined fission product yields, as well as rapid post-nuclear detonation analysis.