Design of software for real-time multitasking control system



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Texas Tech University


The trend in real-time control systems is toward using larger and more sophisticate software. The use of a realtime, multitasking operating system for providing an environment under which multiple tasks can be executed concurrently is considerable a good approach for developing the real-time control software. However, developing a successful real-time, multitasking control software is not easy. Several critical factors might be potential bottlenecks in the system. These factors are task definition, task control flow design, intertask communication, real-time response, interfaces with the outside world, mutual exclusion, and evaluation of performance.

The objective of this thesis is to explore the implementation details of a real-time, multitasking control system (RMCS) and to provide insights and methods for mitigating problems contained in these factors. The insights and methods developed are illustrated through references to a successful implementation of a real-time, multitasking control system for semiconductor processing equipment.