Preoperative counseling for the laryngectomee : a clinician's guide



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Research shows that an important component to successful adjustment and improved quality of life following a laryngectomy is comprehensive preoperative counseling. However, evidence indicates that preoperative counseling in its current form is inadequate. Additionally, due to a small percentage of speech language pathologists having clinical experience working with this population, SLPs may be unsure of what to include in counseling sessions if presented with a laryngectomee. This report serves as a guide to assist SLPs in preoperative counseling sessions. It contains information regarding laryngeal cancer, treatment options, alaryngeal speech options, and additional postoperative considerations to include in preoperative counseling. Illustrations and tables are included within the report so that the practicing clinician has access to user-friendly information to provide to his or her patients. By spending extra time consulting with the patient and his or her family during the preoperative sessions, the SLP can make a vast difference in the patient’s overall quality of life after surgery.