Using cognitive and metacognitive prompts and public disclosure to foster changes in task value, motivation to self-regulate, and achievement



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Facilitating a classroom culture of openness has been positively linked with student outcomes, including task value, motivation, and achievement. The proposed study investigates the impact manipulating classroom culture by disclosing student responses to cognitive and metacognitive prompts during lectures has on the above student outcomes. Using a series of two-way ANOVAs, students in five sections (control, prompting only, paper and pencil response, anonymous CRS responses and public disclosure of CRS responses) will be compared on each of these dependent variables at pre-test and at post-test to examine the effect of the public disclosure condition within a classroom. Participants in the public disclosure condition are expected to have the largest increase in task value, motivation to self-regulate, and to have the highest academic achievement scores. A natural outgrowth of the proposed study is the development of an intervention focused on increasing student task value and motivation within classrooms. Therefore, this report also includes an evaluation plan, outlining the essential program components, a logic model for this program, and the proposed method in which the reported outcomes will be measured.