PSCAD/EMTDC-Based Modeling and Analysis of a Microgrid with Renewable Energy Sources



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Microgrid is a relatively new concept which has gained significant attention recently due to the increasing penetration of distributed energy sources. It brings many benefits to the traditional distribution system. Couples of microgrid testbeds in the forms of either hardware facilities or software simulation systems have been developed to study microgrid issues in many institutes throughout the world. In the work presented in this thesis, a microgrid system model in PSCAD/EMTDC was developed. The proposed microgrid system includes fundamental power system component models, two renewable energy source models (wind and solar) and one energy storage source model. Different case studies were conducted. The results from the simulation case studies showed that the proposed microgrid system in PSCAD had satisfactory performance under different scenarios with renewable energy sources. The proposed microgrid system model can be used for further research on microgrid issues.