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    • Vireo ETD Submission and Management System- Update 2010 

      Nürnberg, Peter (2010-05-17)
      This presentation will provide an update regarding work done on the Vireo ETD system, its current maintenance status, and plans for Vireo for 2010 and beyond. Vireo is the TDL’s Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission ...
    • TDL Metadata Working Group Update 

      Alemneh, Daniel; Davis, Jee-Hyun; Chen, Mingyu; Mercer, Holly; Hazzard, Jeanne; Harlan, Amanda; Thomale, Jason (2010-05-17)
      The forum will update participants on the status of three projects undertaken by the Metadata Working Group in 2009 - 2010: (1) Design of a metadata information website, (2) Creation of best practices for images and datasets, ...
    • Scanning to PDFA: Buildling a Digital Collection fo rAccess AND Preservation 

      Clement, Gail; Halling, Derek; Burford, Nancy; Carrigan, Esther; Moberly, Heather (2010-05-17)
      The Texas A&M University Medical Sciences Library partnered with Oklahoma State University Libraries to digitize the Index-Catalogue of Medical and Veterinary Zoology, a multilingual periodical published by the US Government ...
    • An Evolving Model for Supporting Scholarly Communication at Texas A&M University 

      Mercer, Holly (2010-05-17)
      In 2007, the Texas A&M University Libraries Bridge Group was charged to "support the developing infrastructure of the Texas A&M University’s and TDL’s Repositories." The group reported on its activities at the 2008 TCDL. ...
    • The Texas Water Digital Library 

      Maidment, David (2010-05-17)
      The Texas Water Digital Library is a new effort centered at the Texas Digital Library, intended to create a central location for research and scholarly works created by researchers at Texas institutions. The TWDL will ...
    • Los Primeros Libros 

      duPlessis, Anton (2010-05-17)
      The Impresos Mexicanos del Siglo XVI project will build a digital collection of the first books printed in Mexico before 1601. These monographs are very important because they represent the first printing in the New World ...
    • Next Gen “Scholars” and Digital Collections: Taking Advantage of Opportunities 

      Bentsen, Eileen; Borderud, Jennifer (2010-05-17)
      Taking the “long view,” this presentation will demonstrate the ways in which the authors have taken opportunities to reach out to digital natives and future scholars to make libraries, digital collections, and rare books ...
    • TDL Labs: Partnerships for Exploration 

      Karadkar, Unmil; Francisco-Revilla, Luis (2010-05-17)
      TDL is breaking new ground on several frontiers in planning and developing a multi-institution, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure. These advancements necessitate the exploration and evaluation of alternate technologies, ...
    • Directions for Digital Repositories 

      Carr, Leslie (2010-05-17)
      The Internet provided a platform for global digital communication; the Web added document browsing and repositories have added persistence and curation. What have we achieved with this multilayered platform in the last ...
    • Baylor University and the Texas Digital Library 

      Orr, Pattie (2010-05-17)
      Baylor University was one of the first institutions to join the Texas Digital Library and it has been integral to the development of the consortium as a collaborative enterprise. The presentation will discuss Baylor’s ...
    • TTU School of Law Digital Repository - Documenting a Tradition of Excellence 

      Wang, Fang (2010-05-17)
      Texas Tech University (TTU) Law Library spent the past year installing and customizing a DSpace instance to serve as the institutional repository of the TTU School of Law. This digital repository is the Law School’s first ...
    • Dynamic Display of Collections in CONTENTdm 

      Watkins, Sean (2010-05-17)
      Currently, CONTENTdm does not have the ability to create dynamic pages for a single collection. This poster presentation will highlight how the University of Houston Libraries made collections within CONTENTdm display ...
    • The Texas Center for Border and Transnational Studies 

      Zavaleta, Antonio (2010-05-17)
      A discussion of how the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College is working with multiple universities on both sides of the US/ Mexico border to build a Texas Center for Border and Transnational ...
    • Texas Digital Library Update 2010 

      McFarland, Mark; Leggett, John (2010-05-17)
      The TDL Co-Directors will present on the past year of development and production at the Texas Digital Library, updating members on the current status of projects and discussing the goals of TDL for the next year.
    • Texas Learning Object Repository 

      Fox, Otto; Rowland, Junius (2010-05-17)
      The Texas Learning Object Repository (TXLOR) is a statewide learning object repository developed on behalf of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the UT System Office of Health Affairs, and developed by the Texas ...
    • Fostering Collaboration through Digital Libraries in Latin America 

      Sanchez, J. Alfredo (2010-05-17)
      Research institutions in Latin America are geographically dispersed in about 20 countries with diverse levels of (under) development. Though collaborative projects have been undertaken both at national and international ...
    • Evolving Collections: Building an Infrastructure to Preserve the Power of Silence 

      Jordan, Chris (2010-05-18)
      The rise of digital data as a central component of 21st century research is a well-documented phenomenon, but examples of working institutional infrastructures to manage and preserve this data are relatively few and far ...
    • Hot Topics in Metadata 

      Harlan, Amanda (2010-05-18)
      An informal discussion about metadata topics and issues that concern Texas academic institutions.
    • LEARN: Lonestar Education and Research Network 

      Phillips, Michael (2010-05-18)
      The Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN) is a consortium of 36 organizations throughout Texas that includes public and private institutions of higher education, community colleges and K-12 public schools. The ...
    • Virtualization of the Data Life Cycle 

      Moore, Reagan (2010-05-18)
      The emergence of policy-based data management systems has made it possible to consider preservation as one of the stages of a data life cycle. Each stage represents a consensus by a user community on the purpose of the ...