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    • Leadership Academy 2019 

      Bailey, Diane (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-20)
    • TCDL 2019 Signage 

      DeForest, Lea (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
    • LaTeX for Beginners 

      Barba, Ian; Barba, Shelley E. (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
      LaTeX is an important document standard for a variety of disciplines. LaTeX has features that make it unique from other document software (MS Word), that allow for greater flexibility. However, as a result of these features, ...
    • Vireo 4 Workshop. Y'all ready for this? 

      Larrison, Stephanie; Mumma, Courtney; Starcher, Christopher (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
      The walls of development are down and Vireo 4 is taking flight! Are you ready to get your learn on? The Vireo Users Group Steering Committee is proud to offer this free workshop where you will get the essential training ...
    • TDL DSpace User Group Pre-conference Session 

      Creel, James; Davis-Van Atta, Taylor; Lyon, Colleen; Park, Kristi; Warga, Edward (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
      The TDL DSpace User Group proposes a full-day (10:00 AM - 4:30 PM) preconference to take place on May 21, 2019. A series of interactive sessions has been planned and will be offered to any TCDL registrant, regardless of ...
    • Querying & Accessing Scholarly Literature Metadata: Using rcrossref, rorcid, and roadoi 

      lakovakis, Clarke (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
      Librarians are increasingly called on to gather and analyze metadata from the scholarly literature. This may include understanding open access publishing at their own institutions, publication patterns in specific disciplines ...
    • TCDL 2019 Conference Program 

      DeForest, Lea (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
    • Give it Away Give it Away Give it Away Now 

      Degler, Roy (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-21)
      Learn how to promote and give away free textbooks. Our library needed a simple and functional way to distribute OER textbooks created as part of the Wise Open Textbook Initiative, which offered faculty a stipend to develop ...
    • Utilizing Open Journal Systems to Serve Texas Developmental Education Professionals 

      Gonzales, Cassandra; McConnell, Michael; Miller Payne, Emily (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      The Journal of College Academic Support Programs (J-CASP) is an open-access journal that serves the fields of developmental education, learning support, and college readiness for the state of Texas. Because of support from ...
    • Coming Together: How Digital Preservationists, Archivists, and Public Reference Staff Transformed a Preservation System for Enhanced Access 

      Jones, Caroline; Myers, Mark; Thomas, Brian (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      The introduction of the Texas Digital Archive (TDA) exposed gaps between digital preservation, archival description, and reference services at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). Faced with overwhelming ...
    • Core Metadata Elements: Guidelines to Promote Consistency and Access at TAMU 

      Ho, Jeannette; Stokes, Charity (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      In 2018, a working group was formed at Texas A&M University Libraries to propose policies that would ensure the quality and consistency of descriptive metadata in the Libraries’ new DAME (Digital Asset Management Ecosystem), ...
    • Digital on a Shoestring: Omeka with AWS 

      Sorensen, Kristy; Vinke, John (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary had previously relied on a combination of iTunesU and CD/DVDs to make media content available to students and the wider community, but when Apple announced that they would no longer ...
    • From TALL Texans to Leadership Launchpad: TLA’s Leadership Program Development 

      He, Yizhu (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      Established in 1902, Texas Library Association (TLA) is the largest state library association in the United States with 6,500+ members who work in academic, public, school, and special libraries. TLA offers a wide range ...
    • Sorin: A new research workflow management tool from St. Edward’s University 

      Gibbs, Casey; Kosarek, Alex (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      St. Edward’s University’s Munday Library has spent the last year developing a new open source web application, Sorin, that combines several common research- and instruction-related activities into one simple, intuitive ...
    • Toolkit-a-Gogo: Bridge2Hyku’s Exporter and Importer are Ready to Go 

      Crocken, Todd (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      The University of Houston (UH) Libraries, in partnership and consultation with numerous institutions, was awarded an IMLS National Leadership/Project Grant (LG-70-17-0217-17) to support the creation of the Bridge2Hyku (B2H) ...
    • Discovering, Documenting, and Highlighting Collections of Texas Digital Library Member Institutions 

      Zipperer, Rachael (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      As a capstone to complete my master’s degree, I am undertaking a project with the Texas Digital Library (TDL) to better document and highlight the digital collections of TDL’s member institutions. As a consortium of Texas ...
    • Reclaiming Resonance Through Research: Academic Libraries Create New Ways to Service their Growing Campus Community 

      Troutman, Brooke (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      At the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries, a new service has been created by the librarians in the Faculty Services and Online Engagement (FSOE) department. This new service is focused on tenured or tenure track ...
    • Web-Archiving: Preserving Vital Records and Enhancing Discoverability and Accessibility 

      Davis, Sara; Gattermeyer, Rachel (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      In an effort to be more eco-friendly and to keep current with trends in how people connect with information, the University of Wyoming (UW), like many institutions and companies, has elected to become as paperless as ...
    • Bridging the Gap Between Librarians and Developers 

      Creel, James; Guzman, Allyssa; Slater, Dustin; Washington, Anne (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      In libraries, we’ve traditionally worked to navigate the divide between public and technical services. However, with the advent of digital libraries and collections, the role of the IT department has expanded within the ...
    • Breaking Down Barriers to Accessing Technical Literature on Opaque Microcards 

      Milburn, Morgan; Phillips, Mark (Texas Digital Library, 2019-05-22)
      In the early 2000s, a group called the Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL) formed to preserve and provide access to the technical report literature published by and on behalf of the United States government. ...