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dc.contributorPhares, Denis J.
dc.creatorSharma, Gaurav
dc.description.abstractParticle-laden turbulent flow through a straight square duct at Re? = 300 is studied using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and Lagrangian particle tracking. A parallelized 3-D particle tracking direct numerical simulation code has been developed to perform the large-scale turbulent particle transport computations reported in this thesis. The DNS code is validated after demonstrating good agreement with the published DNS results for the same flow and Reynolds number. Lagrangian particle transport computations are carried out using a large ensemble of passive tracers and finite-inertia particles and the assumption of one-way fluid-particle coupling. Using four different types of initial particle distributions, Lagrangian particle dispersion, concentration and deposition are studied in the turbulent straight square duct. Particles are released in a uniform distribution on a cross-sectional plane at the duct inlet, released as particle pairs in the core region of the duct, distributed randomly in the domain or distributed uniformly in planes at certain heights above the walls. One- and two-particle dispersion statistics are computed and discussed for the low Reynolds number inhomogeneous turbulence present in a straight square duct. New detailed statistics on particle number concentration and deposition are also obtained and discussed.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectDuct Flow
dc.subjectLagrangian Particle Transport
dc.subjectParticle Tracking
dc.subjectSingle Particle Dispersion
dc.subjectParticle Pair Dispersion
dc.subjectParticle Concentration
dc.subjectParticle Deposition
dc.titleDirect numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulence in a straight square duct

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