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    • Out of the Woods: Charting Metadata with Digital Tools 

      Ramirez, Ada Laura; Smith, Marian; Bowaniya, Salima; Weidner, Andrew (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      In the fall of 2021, a metadata working group was created and charged to streamline the process of evaluating and refining metadata for a retrospective thesis and dissertations digitization (TDD) project at the University ...
    • Programming for Open Access: Using Python to Promote Open File Formats in the Texas Data Repository 

      Goodale, Ian (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      The preponderance of proprietary file formats being used for scholarly purposes poses an issue for the truly open dissemination of information. This was one of the key points identified by a working group I participated ...
    • What is Digital Librarianship?: A Texas Digital Library Interview Series 

      Gunnells, Alexandra; Santiago, Chloe; Coleman, Misha (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      "​​Many academic libraries across Texas now maintain significant digital collections of resources. These collections may consist of digitized and/or born digital materials and are considered a part of the academic library’s ...
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Digital Preservation 

      Shapiro, Adrian (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      Digital preservation is important, but how do I get started? This poster will provide a roadmap for how Texas Woman’s University built, and is continuing to build, a cross-departmental digital preservation program with the ...
    • Exploring Tools for Improving Negative Capture 

      Mazzei, Erin (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      In just the past few years, the technology for digitizing slides and negatives has been evolving rapidly. Boosted in part by individual photographers seeking better quality for their own negatives, the result is a wide ...
    • Working as a Digitization Student 

      Crepeau, Jarrett (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      For this poster proposal, I will be discussing my experience as an Imaging Lead for the Kempner Fund Project at the Digital Projects Lab at the University of North Texas. My role at the lab consists of digitizing, item ...
    • Session 1A | Accessibility in Digital A/V Collections 

      Hanke, Mirko; Bondurant, John (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-23)
      Are you confused about the technical, legal, or logistical challenges associated with making collections of audiovisual materials available on the web? Do you get lost in the conversations about standards, formats, platforms, ...
    • TCDL 2022 Friend or Foe? 

      Mumma, Courtney; Hernandez, Gabrielle; DeForest, Lea (Texas Digital Library, 2022-05-24)
      Holding a space for student supervisors to come together and discuss student employee retention efforts including conversations about student employees, hiring resources, sharing advice, and offering shared experiences. ...
    • Preserving Sensitive Data in Distributed Digital Storage Networks 

      Mumma, Courtney (2022-07)
      The Texas Digital Library (TDL) and the UC San Diego (UCSD) Library initiated a project in 2019, funded by an IMLS grant, to explore the feasibility of a nationwide model for the first Distributed Digital Preservation ...
    • TDL Board Bylaws 2022 

      Park, Kristi (Texas Digital Library, 2022-04)
    • TDL Board Bylaws 2018 

      Park, Kristi (Texas Digital Library, 2018-05)
    • Interrogating the Lack of Pay Transparency in Library Faculty Job Postings 

      Hight, Alexa; Hernandez, Patricia Lynn; DeForest, Lea (Texas A&M University System Virtual Library Conference, 2022-06-15)
    • TxHUB Metadata Guidelines 

      Long, Kara; Woodward, Nicholas; Graciani Picardo, Paloma; Washington, Anne; Tarver, Hannah; Duran, Albert; Tomfohrde, Katie; Gushee, Liz (Texas Digital Library, 2019-11-01)
    • Audiovisual Accessibility Builds a Bridge to Diverse User Communities 

      Morrow, Melissa; Mumma, Courtney; Park, Kristi (2022-06-07)
      A cross-institutional team from the Texas Digital Library consortium has developed a webinar series to address the need for awareness of accessibility for audio/video digital collections and to offer solutions for repository ...
    • Building Trust Together: A Consortium Approach to Open Repositories via DSpace and the Texas Digital Library 

      Park, Kristi; Woodward, Nicholas; Lyon, Colleen; Hight, Alexa; Johnson, Emily (2022-06-08)
      The Texas Digital Library (TDL) is a collaborative consortium of Texas universities that builds capacity among its membership for ensuring equitable access to and preservation of digital content of value to research, ...
    • May 2022 Forum 

      Park, Kristi; Williams, Elliot; Mumma, Courtney; DeForest, Lea (2022-05-18)
    • April 2022 Forum 

      DeForest, Lea; Williams, Elliot; Mumma, Courtney; Park, Kristi (2022-04-20)
    • March 2022 Forum 

      DeForest, Lea; Mumma, Courtney; Williams, Elliot; Park, Kristi (2022-03-16)
    • February 2022 Forum 

      Park, Kristi; Williams, Elliot; Mumma, Courtney; DeForest, Lea (2022-02-16)
    • January 2022 Forum 

      Park, Kristi; Williams, Elliot; Mumma, Courtney; DeForest, Lea (2022-01-19)