Study of shear-driven unsteady flows of a fluid with a pressure dependent viscosity



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In this thesis, the seminal work of Stokes concerning the ow of a Navier-Stokesuid due to a suddenly accelerated or oscillating plate and the ow due to torsionaloscillations of an innitely long rod in a Navier-Stokes uid is extended to a uid withpressure dependent viscosity. The viscosity of many uids varies signicantly withpressure, a fact recognized by Stokes; and Barus, in fact, conducted experiments thatshowed that the variation of the viscosity with pressure was exponential. Given sucha tremendous variation, we study how this change in viscosity aects the nature of thesolution to these problems. We nd that the velocity eld, and hence the structureof the vorticity and the shear stress at the walls for uids with pressure dependentviscosity, are markedly dierent from those for the classical Navier-Stokes uid.