The practitioner-driven system : an interactive qualitative analysis of the e-learning creation experience



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Contemporary e-learning research often addresses a singular instructional topic, learning strategy, or authoring tool. Technological advancements and evolving delivery methods are changing the e-learning practitioner experience more rapidly than ever before, and the need for a holistic illustration of the modern-day practitioner experience has never been greater. This Interactive Qualitative Analysis (IQA) of the e-learning creation experience consists of Affinity Production Interviews, interviews, and an online survey of e-learning practitioners working with adult audiences. The result of the study is an e-learning creation experience system driven by participants’ stories. The system is comprised of twelve affinities including leadership, policy, the instructional systems design process, the client relationship, emotions, and more. Exercising the system reveals conditions that influence the ultimate outcome of the system: e-learning success.