Preconditioning Procedures And Supplementation To Increase Redberry Juniper Consumption By Goats


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Studies have shown that redberry juniper (Juniperus pinchotii) intake can be increased by conditioning and supplementation. In this study, the objectives are to determine if goats will accept juniper when conditioned in groups or individually and if supplementation will further increase intake. Recently weaned Boer-cross goats (n=40) were placed into two treatments of 20. Goats in one treatment were placed in individual pens while the others were separated into 4 groups (n=5) for conditioning. In addition, 10 individuals from each treatment were fed additional protein. Juniper was fed for 30 minutes daily for 14 d days, along with alfalfa pellets (2.5% of BW). All goats were placed in individual pens for final comparison following preconditioning. Juniper intake was similar between treatments. In addition, supplementation did not affect juniper intake in this study. Juniper intake increased daily regardless of treatments or supplementation.