Construction and monitoring of an experimental highway pavement section for a long-term study on the effectiveness of cement as a subgrade stabilizer in fine-grained soils



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Texas Tech University


A field and laboratory study was begun in 1995 to evaluate the engineering behavior of a stabilized soil from two test sections beneath a reconstructed roadway. This roadway is designated FM 1343 and is located in Medina County, south of SH 90, approximately 20 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. One test section was stabilized using portland cement, the other with lime. This work was sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to make comparisons of the two stabilization methods under similar conditions.

Soil samples were obtained from both test sites. For comparison, similar tests were performed on the soil samples obtained from each site. Initial testing indicates that both stabilization methods are comparable in plasticity reduction, strength increase and durability. However, it is the intent of this research to also establish long term monitoring so that TxDOT can continue to collect data to evaluate fiiture performance. In establishing long term monitoring, instrumentation was installed at both test sites, and initial data collected. It is intended that TxDOT personnel will continue this data collection over the next 5 years. Additional long term monitoring will also be performed by TxDOT personnel over this 5 year period. Any valid conclusions from the initial long term monitoring data cannot be made at this time.