A tree grows in Haiti : a suitability and political ecological analysis of potential bamboo reforestation in Haiti



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In Haiti's largely agrarian society as well as in many other islands in the Caribbean, deforestation has become an issue that has long term, negative consequences for the livelihood of farmers and the ability of the nation as a whole to rebound after natural disasters, a frequent occurrence in Haiti. I examine past reforestation attempts in Haiti through a literature review using a political ecological framework, and I explore experiences with bamboo as a reforestation crop and its potential in the Haitian context. Drawing on this research, I conduct a GIS analysis of potential reforestation sites using bamboo in Haiti by (1) investigating and categorizing the ecological, economic and social conditions that are favorable for bamboo production, and, based on this research, (2) identifying areas particularly suitable for reforestation programs using bamboo. I conclude by providing planning and policy recommendations for appropriate production of bamboo for reforestation in Haiti.