Wind parameters of Texas Tech University field site



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Texas Tech University


Wind parameters obtained from field data are generally simulated in wind tunnel for studying wind effects on structures. The result of the wind tunnel study depends on the reliability of field wind parameters and the simulation technique. The objective of this study is to assess wind parameters from field data. The National Science Foundation has sponsored a project at the Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Research Field Laboratory to study wind effects on low-rise building. Wind pressure and meteorological data are collected on the test building and meteorological tower respectively. Meteorological data which include wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity data, are measured at four levels of the tower. Wind speed, wind direction and temperature data are used for assessment of wind parameters and characterization of terrain.

A total of 63, 15-minute duration each, records are collected. Of these, 31 records are found to be suitable for analysis. These 31 records are analyzed to determine wind profile parameters for both power and logarithmic laws, turbulence intensity and longitudinal integral scale of turbulence. The wind profile parameters, mean wind directions and terrain features are used to characterize the field site terrain. Results of the analysis are presented in this report.