The assessment of intellectual deficits in Parkinson's disease



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Texas Tech University


The Investigation of nature of intellectual decline in Parkinson's Disease (PD) is plagued by problems such as fatigue effects in lengthy assessments.There is a need for reliable, short, yet comprehensive IQ tests. The purpose of the present study is to establish the utility of the Satz-Mogel short form as an assessment tool in the PD population.

Parkinsonian and elderly control subjects were administered the full WAIS-R or the Satz-Mogel WAIS-R short form. The full WAIS-R scores were rescored to obtain derived Satz-Mogel scores. All subjects received a battery of additional neuropsychological tests.

The Satz-Mogel appears to be a reliable measure of IQ. Score differences between the full WAIS-R and rescored Satz-Mogel showed that the IQ estimate had not substantially changed. Correlations showed that the relative scores were preserved. The Satz-Mogel was compared to other frequently used short forms and was found to be the most reliable assessment of intellectual functioning in the elderly and PD population.