A Life In Context: Finding Form In Lewis T. May




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Landscape Architecture


This thesis examines the life and career of Lewis T. May (1946 -), FASLA. During his three decades of practice, Mr. May has made exceptional contributions in landscape architecture as a practitioner, author, and academic, both domestically and abroad. He is the recipient of over 100 awards for his projects. A qualitative methodology is used to understand his contributions in a historical and personal context. His ability to communicate effectively, both graphically and verbally, is one reason for his success. Consequently, this thesis creates a framework for understanding his process in the field of landscape architecture. Open-ended interviews and participant observation provide information relevant to his design philosophy. The information from these techniques reveals the significant events and influences that impacted Mr. May's professional career and provides the means to interpret how his role has differed from his contemporaries. The research concludes with a summary and discussion of the findings.