Reorganization of a government's engineering division to model civilian organization for success



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The Directorate Public of Works Engineering Service Branch is responsible new designs, renovations of existing construction, and general supervision of new construction. Over the years (especially in the last two or three years), the Design Branch has been perceived as providing a low quality product. The quality can be directly related to personnel issues within the organization such as heavy workloads, low morale, lack of respect for management, and lack of leadership which is required to improve the quality of work. As a result of the evaluation of the current organizational structure and how it contributes to the personnel aspects of its staff I have recommended that the organization transitions from an operational structure to a matrix structure. I have furthermore, identifying the strengths of the recommended structure and how it will contribute to the improvement in the quality of the design. I have also identified weaknesses of the recommended structure and sought to identify solutions to minimize negative impacts on the organization. The roles and responsibilities are also identified in the recommended matrix organizational structure.