Naturalness in F-SU(5)



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We take a tour through modern high energy theory, beginning with the Standard Model, Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Grand Unified Theories. We then review the constraints imposed by experiments on our model parameters and their derived quantities. We introduce Flipped-SU(5) and No Scale Supergravity as two of the building blocks of our model. We introduce F-Theory and the F-SU(5) model, including the motivations and experimental constraints. We intend to show that this model does not require an unnatural degree of fine tuning. First we shall use the tree level calculation of M_(Z) to obtain an estimate. The surprising results of the tree-level approximation will motivate generalization of the calculation. We find that the finetuning in this model is small, requiring accuracy in M_(1/2) to at worst 10 %. We conclude that these results stem from the many experimental and theoretical constraints we impose on the model. We shall also introduce an M-theory derived model with mixed dilaton-moduli mediated supersymmetry breaking.