Dynamics of quantum control in cold-atom systems



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The dynamics of mesoscopic two-boson systems that model an interacting pair of ultracold alkali atoms in the presence of electromagnetic potentials are considered. The translational degrees of freedom of such a system can be described by a simple reduced atom Hamiltonian. Introducing time modulations in the laser fields causes parametric variations of the Hamiltonian's Floquet eigenvalue spectrum. Broken symmetries cause level repulsion and avoided crossings in this spectrum that are quantum manifestations of the chaos in the underlying classical dynamics of the systems. We investigate the effects of this phenomenon in the coherent control of excitations in these systems. These systems can be coherently excited from their ground states to higher energy states via a Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage (STIRAP). The presence of avoided crossings alter the outcome of STIRAP. First, the classical dynamics of such two-boson systems in double wells is described and manifestations of the same to the quantum mechanical system are discussed. Second, the quantum dynamics of coherent control in the manner discussed above is detailed for a select choice(s) of system parameters. Finally, the same chaos-assisted adiabatic passage is demonstrated for optical lattice systems based on experiments on the same done with noninteracting atoms.