Catalog of the Invertebrate Type Collection of the Museum of Texas Tech University: Barcodes, digital imagery, and database web access



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The purpose of this project was to organize the Invertebrate Type Collection, providing suitable management and care. Type specimens are crucially important for the scientific community as they are standards of reference in scientific nomenclature. Currently, the Invertebrate Type Collection at the Museum of Texas Tech University holds 843 specimens that include 11 orders, 38 families, and 127 species. The Invertebrate Type Collection consists of 504 pinned/pointed specimens, 15 fluid-preserved specimens, and 324 slide mounted specimens that have accumulated since the 1970’s. At the beginning of this project, the types were transferred from the main general collection to dedicated special drawers for types. All the type specimens were barcoded and cataloged using FileMaker® Pro 7.0v3 database, which was developed for this project. This database will be used for cataloging the remainder of the Invertebrate Collection. The time and cost needed to digitize the type specimens were evaluated. Additionally, all the type description literature was compiled in hard and digital formats to make them available for research. To complete this project, a searchable database was made accessible to the public through the Internet on the Natural Science Research Laboratory website (