Statistical analysis of bituminous coarse aggregate data



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Texas Tech University


The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, Canada (Rogers, C.A., et al,, 1991) and the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University (Kandhal, P.S., et al., 1998) have performed research studies and have concluded that the Micro-Deval test provides a better correlation between aggregate durability than any other test currently in use. The MSS and the Micro-Deval test procedures were compared in terms of single and multiple laboratory precision.

The purpose of this study is to perform the statistical analyses that will be used to determine if a relationship can be found between the two tests so that TxDOT may adopt the Micro-Deval as a suitable alternative to the MSS procedure. Also, a statistical analysis will be performed to determine whether a relationship can be found between the Micro-Deval and Wet Ball Mill procedures. Based on the results from this study, appropriate specification limits will be proposed and recommendations presented concerning the implementation of the Micro-Deval test, for use by the Texas Department of Transportation.