The chemistry of copper (II) complexes

dc.creatorSeidlitz, Mark O
dc.description.abstractIn this thesis vas discussed the successful syntheses of the three new compounds, bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amineaqua-copper(II) perchlorate, bis(pyridylmethyl)aminepyridylcopper(II) perchlorate, and 2-[2-(2-pyridylethyl)- iminomethyl]pyridinecopper(II) perchlorate. Surprisingly, with either water or pyridine occupying the fourth coordination position in the copper(II) dmpa and pip complexes, no noticeable effect upon the d-d bands vas detected in the UV/visible spectra. An oxidized product, [CuLi(dmpa)(py)](ClO4)3, may have been formed. If further vork proves this to be the case, other non-hydroxylic oxidizing agents will need to be tried in an attempt to prepare [Cu(dmpa)(py)](ClO4)3. It appears that basic H2O2 is too strong of an oxidizing agent for the oxidation of [Cu(pip)(py)](C1O4)2. In the basic H2O2 media the pip ligand is vigorously oxidized.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectCopper compounds -- Synthesisen_US
dc.subjectCopper compounds -- Spectraen_US
dc.titleThe chemistry of copper (II) complexes