The chemistry of copper (II) complexes



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Texas Tech University


In this thesis vas discussed the successful syntheses of the three new compounds, bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amineaqua-copper(II) perchlorate, bis(pyridylmethyl)aminepyridylcopper(II) perchlorate, and 2-[2-(2-pyridylethyl)- iminomethyl]pyridinecopper(II) perchlorate.

Surprisingly, with either water or pyridine occupying the fourth coordination position in the copper(II) dmpa and pip complexes, no noticeable effect upon the d-d bands vas detected in the UV/visible spectra.

An oxidized product, CuLi(dmpa)(py)3, may have been formed. If further vork proves this to be the case, other non-hydroxylic oxidizing agents will need to be tried in an attempt to prepare Cu(dmpa)(py)3.

It appears that basic H2O2 is too strong of an oxidizing agent for the oxidation of Cu(pip)(py)2. In the basic H2O2 media the pip ligand is vigorously oxidized.