Exploring the Dual Role of Communicators in Relationship Management in the Context of Charitable Organizations



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Relationship management is a key topic in public relations, and it is also an essential factor for the success of charitable organizations. This study explored interpersonal communication strategies in relationship management when communicators played dual roles in the context of charitable organizations in the Greater Houston Area. The investigator interviewed 13 professionals currently working in nonprofits, analyzed interview transcripts, and illustrated many interesting findings, such as contextual factors of relationship management in this study, antecedent factors of organizational citizenship behaviors, convergence of internal and external communication strategies, and the role conversion of key publics. Major interpersonal strategies were useful for nonprofits in relationship management with key publics, because they were emphasized by many professionals in nonprofits. This study not only filled many research gaps but also resulted in many important theoretical and practical implications for relationship management in nonprofits.