Water treatment system for bottled water



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Without water, as is known, there is no life. A person uses about 75 tons of water for the whole life. Thereby, about 80% of diseases come with water people drink because it is simply dirty, according to Louis Pasteur. The fact is that consuming tap water leads to 85 known diseases that result in twenty-five million deaths each year. In addition, dirty water consumption accelerates the aging process by 30%. Tap water is drinkable, but not necessarily beneficial. The fact that the dirty water flows out of the tap means that the water contains a large quantity of chemical and mechanical impurities as well as a variety of viruses and bacteria. For example, if a person drinks water with high content of iron for a long time, the possibility of getting liver disease is high. The tap water quality that has always been consumed by people from Zhezkazgan, Republic of Kazakhstan violates even the required standards for tap water. Therefore, any kind of water business is encouraged in that area. The most viable way to help this problem is bottled water production. The great number of papers and materials was used, analyzed and delivered in this report. In addition, a Russian company, Ecodar LLP, was contacted to acquire information about the most advanced technology in water treatment field. This report provides general description of water treatment technology to start a bottled water production business in Zhezkazgan