A Design-Oriented Framework to Determine the Parasitic Parameters of High Frequency Magnetics in Switching Power Supplies using Finite Element Analysis Techniques




Shadmand, Mohammad

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Magnetic components, such as inductors and transformers, have important effects on the efficiency and performance of switching power supplies; their parasitic properties directly impact the high frequency properties which can cause lot-to-lot variation or unanticipated and non-ideal operation. They are also amongst the most problematic components to design, often requiring numerous design-prototype-test interactions. The electrostatic and electromagnetic analysis of wound components has become more important recently to predict their performance and frequency behavior.

Accurate prediction and design of winding parasitic parameters of leakage inductance and winding capacitance for high frequency inductors and transformers in switching power supplies is fundamental to improve performance, lower cost, and speed time to market. This thesis presents a methodology and process to obtain accurate prediction of the inter- and intra-winding capacitances of high frequency magnetic components. Application examples considered are a single-winding choke, a coupled inductor filter, and a multi-winding transformer. Analytical approach for determination of parasitic capacitances in high frequency magnetic components will be covered also. Comparison of the FEA results using JMAG with experimental and empirical formula results show good agreement, supporting the method as a model-based design tool with the potential to significantly reduce the design-prototype-test cycle commonly needed with sophisticated magnetic designs.