Sustainable residences: co-operative housing redesign in high density central area of Xiamen



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Today, the multi-families housing is recognized as vital to modern, urban communities. And it is primary housing type in some megacities, especially in high-density area. As a developed modern city with great historical urban context, Xiamen offers a great range of fascinating examples regarding creative co-operative housing projects dealing with current challenges such as rising rents, changes in climate and demography, privatization and individualization. There are quite a lot community-oriented housing projects. At the same time, Some out-dated housing units in Xiamen used to be inhumane and unhealthy, and promote isolated living experiences both physically and mentally. So a household redesign for a healthy individual, harmonious family and friendly community is becoming a pressing need. Xiamen Social Housing Innovations Plan include multi-generational, barrier-free and affordable renovations, plus-energy communities of existing buildings,etc. The aim of this proposal is to create a housing development design that rebuilds the community of the neighborhood by allowing a greater sharing of public and private space, while maintaining and gaining a higher population density. The design proposal will preserve the indigenous fine-grained urban fabric, which creates human scale and supports the public/private exchanges observed through the fieldwork and analysis. This proposal will explore housing sustainable design that reconsiders shared use of public and private in collective spaces, as the key to take advantage of a dense inner-city environment.