Data collecting and processing for substation integration enhancement



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Texas A&M University


The issue of substation integration is recognized as a very important one ever since the process of technological development brought a multitude of new computer-based devices and functions into substation operation. During the relatively short time period after the first microprocessors were invented, a myriad of computer-based devices found their application in power engineering. Those devices had a variety of input and output data formats, which hampered exchange of data among different devices. Recent initiatives for standardization of substation data formats and communication protocols have progressed to facilitate production of devices with standardized data formats and data exchange capabilities. Central substation computers now have an opportunity to collect and process data from such computer-based devices. An advanced data collecting and processing solution is developed and implemented as Integrated Substation Software in an effort to enhance substation integration. This report describes a solution that comprises data generation using a substation model, data collecting from modeled apparatus and instruments and finally application of data processing and consistency checking algorithms for creating outputs. The process of data collecting and processing is automated and repeated in equidistant time intervals. Results of processing and related reports are concisely displayed on the user interface screen and exported through data files. The Substation Integration Software was tested through the set of scenarios where each scenario is used to test one of the processing and consistency checking algorithms. The results show that measurements are improved and applicable for usage by other substation and system-wide applications.