The role of technology in addressing personalized learning



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The purpose of this report is to provide the findings of a literature review that investigated the role of technology in addressing personalized learning (PL) within the education contexts, middle and high school as well as the first two years of undergraduate studies. A diverse set of sources, including government reports, advocacy papers, and scholarly articles, were used for the literature review. A working definition for the personalized learning yielded the identification of five factors: the adjustment of pace and sequence of content, access to learning materials from anywhere, interest-driven student work and student having agency to determine their learning experiences. For each factor, the following information was provided: the definition, influence of the factor on learning, the use of technology to address the factor and associated considerations. The result of the literature review indicates to address PL factors, it is best for technology to provide access to information and tools, as well as, provide opportunities to learners to make choices about how to learn.