The incorporation of bubbles into a computer graphics fluid simulation



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Texas A&M University


We present methods for incorporating bubbles into a photorealistc fluid simulation. Previous methods of fluid simulation in computer graphics do not include bubbles. Our system automatically creates bubbles, which are simulated on top of the fluid simulation. These bubbles are approximated by spheres and are rendered with the fluid to appear as one continuous surface. This enhances the overall realism of the appearance of a splashing fluid for computer graphics. Our methods leverage the particle level set representation of the fluid surface. We create bubbles from escaped marker particles from the outside to the inside. These marker particles might represent air that has been trapped within the fluid surface. Further, we detect when air is trapped in the fluid and create bubbles within this space. This gives the impression that the air pocket has become bubbles and is an inexpensive way to simulate the air trapped in air pockets. The results of the simulation are rendered with a raytracer that includes caustics. This allows the creation of photorealistic images. These images support our position that the simple addition of bubbles included in a fluid simulation creates results that are much more true to life.