Airborne Infrared Target Tracking with the Nintendo Wii Remote Sensor

dc.contributorValasek, John
dc.creatorBeckett, Andrew 1984-
dc.description.abstractIntelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are the most common variety of UAS in use today and provide invaluable capabilities to both the military and civil services. Keeping the sensors centered on a point of interest for an extended period of time is a demanding task requiring the full attention and cooperation of the UAS pilot and sensor operator. There is great interest in developing technologies which allow an operator to designate a target and allow the aircraft to automatically maneuver and track the designated target without operator intervention. Presently, the barriers to entry for developing these technologies are high: expertise in aircraft dynamics and control as well as in real- time motion video analysis is required and the cost of the systems required to flight test these technologies is prohibitive. However, if the research intent is purely to develop a vehicle maneuvering controller then it is possible to obviate the video analysis problem entirely. This research presents a solution to the target tracking problem which reliably provides automatic target detection and tracking with low expense and computational overhead by making use of the infrared sensor from a Nintendo Wii Remote Controller.
dc.subjectunmanned aircraft system
dc.subjectunmanned autonomous vehicle
dc.subjectcomputer vision
dc.subjectmachine vision
dc.titleAirborne Infrared Target Tracking with the Nintendo Wii Remote Sensor