Effect of jet configuration on transverse jet mixing process



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Transverse jets in crossflow are widely used to enhance mixing between two flow streams. Such jets exhibit complex flow features, and are highly sen- sitive to a wide variety of operating conditions. The focus of this work is the mixing of relatively low Reynolds number jets that are often encountered in the chemical processing industry. The main objective is to determine if the the jet mixing characteristics can be sufficiently altered by changing the nature of the jet inflow. In particular, we study the effect of jet shape and inflow veloc- ity profile on the mixing properties. Four different jet shapes including circle, square, upstream triangle, and downstream triangle are considered. It is found that the jet shape has tremendous impact on the near field dynamics, gener- ating unique vortical structures for each shape. However, the overall mixing rate is unaffected and is controlled by the evolution of the coherent vortex pair (CVP) in the far-field of the jet. Analyses of turbulence modeling constraints and structure of reaction zones for consecutive-competitive reactions are also presented.