Creating Efficient and Sustainable Workflows for Scholarly Works into a DSpace Repository




Davis-Van Atta, Taylor
Dulek, Diana
Ramirez, Ada L.
Washington, Anne

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During the fall 2017 academic term, a team of two librarians and two professional staff at UH Libraries created and piloted new workflows for the upload of large batches of faculty and student research into the UH Institutional Repository. These workflows are based on modifications made to existing scripts and open source packaging software, along with collaborative efforts with TDL and other DSpace institutions, resulting in efficient and structured processing of materials. Over a two-month pilot period, the team prepared roughly 700 new scholarly items for ingest into the IR, streamlining the process for works originating from multiple sources, including vendor databases, faculty CVs, and campus events showcasing new scholarly works. Along the way, the team developed in-house metadata procedures and standards as well as templates for managing and sharing bibliographic data, and refined established divisions of labor. This presentation details the challenges and lessons learned from this pilot project as well as a discussion of how the team plans to scale these efforts and integrate them as part of a growing suite of services around digital scholarship.


Taylor Davis-Van Atta is Digital Scholarship Coordinator at University of Houston Libraries, where he administers the institutional and data repositories and helps facilitate artisan projects through the Libraries Digital Research Commons. He holds an MSLIS from Syracuse University, and is the founding publisher of the humanities journal Music & Literature.