Analysis of rainwater flux in the IFA during TOGA coare using shipboard radar rainfall estimates



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Texas Tech University


Mass and heat fluxes in the warm pool region of the West Pacific Ocean play an important role in the determination of global climate. To better understand the relationship between the atmosphere and ocean in this region of the world, the Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere (TOGA) program conducted the Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment (COARE). During the Intensive Observing Period (lOP) of TOGA COARE, island- and ship-based observations were coUected for a four-month period. As part of this experiment, shipboard Doppler radar data were coUected. These data were primarily coUected to produce rainfall estimates for the TOGA COARE domain during the lOP.

This dissertation describes the development of a data set of high spatial and temporal resolution that was produced from the data collected by the MTT radar on the University of Southern California's R/V John V. Vickers. These data were quality controUed, and correction schemes were developed for both the reflectivity and radial velocity data.