Factors related to a congruent choice of college major



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Texas Tech University


Lower division college students (N = 244) took the NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI), the Self-Directed Search (SDS), and the Vocational Identity Scale (VI). Low test-retest reliability of congruence precluded large effect sizes with several variables which were expected to measure good vocational decision making ability. Should this lack of relationship be found to continue beyond the first two years of college, it would mean these variables and congruence independent1y contribute to academic success, satisfaction, and stability.

Freedom from neuroticism was found to be significantly related to almost all of the other constructs evaluated. The largest correlations were with conscientiousness (-.46), agreeableness (-.37), VI (-.48), and investigative vocation-al interests (-.30). The pattern of NEO-PI to SDS correlations suggests that low scores on the SDS is associated with neuroticism and the need for more extensive counseling. Other relationships between NEO-PI, SDS, and VI scales are reported and discussed.