A Framework For Real-time Fault Detection And Response In Multi-agent Teams




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Computer Science & Engineering


This thesis details the creation of a fault detection and response framework that can be applied to mobile multi-agent teams. This framework unites existing concepts of conditioned based maintenance and real-time machine diagnostics with a high-level matrix based discrete event command and control system that can respond to detected mechanical faults in agents in real-time. This allows for automatic corrective actions to be taken when an agent experiences failure if redundant resources are available to replace the failed unit or for the mission planner to be notified that the mission is no longer achievable given the operating conditions of the resources. In addition to positing a theoretical framework, this thesis details the design and implementation of a device consisting of hardware, firmware, and software that allows for condition based maintenance methods to be used for diagnosis of mechanical faults in the context of a team of mobile, networked agents.