A tragic rhapsody



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A Tragic Rhapsody is a piece about a single character going through a series of emotional states. There are a series of six themes that permeate the piece. Each of these themes represents an emotional state of the character. The first theme is tragic and is heard from the outset in the cello. The second is heard in mm. 91 and is a theme of growing hope. The third theme at mm. 103 is one of playful insanity. The fourth occurs at mm. 169 and is one of light hearted searching and nervousness. The fifth theme first occurs at mm. 453 represents peacefulness with a sense of tragedy. The final theme first occurs at mm. 264 and is one of joy, hope, and triumph. The final them occurs three times throughout the piece and is one of the few themes that is not tragic. Each time this theme occurs, it tries to pull the piece away from it tragic nature. The final theme succeeds in its third appearance when the piece reaches its climax. The piece then ends with a calm coda that finally ends in a peaceful nature.