Research For Dynamic Seal Friction Modeling In Linear Motion Hydraulic Piston Applications




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Mechanical Engineering


This paper presents a unique physics-based analytic model for dynamic seal friction in hydraulic actuators as a function of cylinder pressure, seal material, piston rod dimensions, piston rod seal gland dimensions, and other influencing factors.
Results from a series of friction tests are presented. Finite element analysis of an installed seal is used to predict contact stress between the seal and the gland, providing a normal force against the sealing surface. This information is used to determine coefficients of friction within the test specimen. From the analysis, a pressure-sensitive model is generated. The friction model is overlaid on the test data and proves to be suitable for use in a hydraulic actuator simulation.
Results from a simple closed-loop servo actuator model are then presented with friction effects included. Recommendations are proposed for further study and development to provide better versatility in dynamic seal friction modeling.