Development of a bridge fault extractor tool



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Texas A&M University


Bridge fault extractors are tools that analyze chip layouts and produce a realistic list of bridging faults within that chip. FedEx, previously developed at Texas A&M University, extracts all two-node intralayer bridges of any given chip layout and optionally extracts all two-node interlayer bridges. The goal of this thesis was to further develop this tool. The primary goal was to speed it up so that it can handle large industrial designs in a reasonable amount of time. A second goal was to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for this tool which aids in more effectively visualizing the bridge faults across the chip. The final aim of this thesis was to perform FedEx output analysis to understand the nature of the defects, such as variation of critical area (the area where the presence of a defect can cause a fault) as a function of layer as well as defect size.