Performance and application of the Modular Acoustic Velocity Sensor (M.A.V.S.) current meter for laboratory measurements

dc.contributorMercier, Richard
dc.creatorBesnard, Stephane
dc.description.abstractEvery type of current meter is different and has its proper characteristics. Knowing the performance of a current meter is essential in order to use it properly either for field or laboratory measurements (such as in the Offshore Technology Research Center wave basin). A study of the MAVS (Modular Acoustic Velocity Sensor) in a wave basin is a first step essential for later deployment in real studies. This thesis is based on data obtained from different series of laboratory measurements conducted in the OTRC wave basin. The objective of the first part of the study was to characterize the MAVS frequency response using benchmarks such as tow tests or wave tests. These benchmarks allowed us not only to characterize the sensor but also to eventually correct some of the measurement distortions due to flow blockage, vortex shedding, or vibrations of the mounting structure, for example. After the preliminary study was done, we focused on the potential use of the MAVS in the OTRC wave basin. Indeed, in the case of a study of a scale model in the wave basin, the stresses applied to the model have to be accurately known. In the case of current-induced loads, this includes contributions from both the mean flow and the turbulence. Thus, after correcting the values measured by the MAVS, a mapping of the current jet was executed to determine its three-dimensional structure in the wave basin. Knowing the structure of the current in the OTRC wave basin, it was then possible to define a domain in which the current can be considered uniform with a certain tolerable error. This domain of uniformity will allow us to validate the use of the OTRC wave basin to study large models such as FPSOs (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Units).
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectcurrent meter
dc.subjectflow mapping
dc.subjectturbulence mapping
dc.subjectturbulence model
dc.subjectmean flow correction
dc.subjectflow blockage
dc.subjectvortex shedding
dc.titlePerformance and application of the Modular Acoustic Velocity Sensor (M.A.V.S.) current meter for laboratory measurements