An experimental calibration of chlorine isotope fractionation between amphibole and fluid at 700 °C and 0.2 GPa



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A Cl stable isotope fractionation factor between amphibole and fluid has been determined at 700 °C and 0.2 GPa. Rates of isotope exchange between pargasite and water at 600-800 °C were slow; therefore synthesis of amphibole in the presence of a fluid was necessary to facilitate the incorporation of Cl into amphibole. Hastingsite was synthesized from an oxide mixture and reacted with a NaCl-bearing supercritical fluid for periods of 3 to 14 days, approximately at the wüstite-magnetite buffer. Based on these synthesis-reaction experiments, the fractionation between hastingsite and a NaCl-bearing solution (~20000 ppm Cl) at 700 °C is 103lnαamphibole-fluid = 0.19‰ ± 0.23‰. These data display near zero fractionation at 700 °C, but suggest that amphibole is slightly enriched in 37Cl relative to the fluid, in agreement with empirical and theoretical results.