Strategic implementation of information technology to improve retail business in india



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Overall retail business efficiency in India is 2 %, even though India is considered as one of the countries, where Information Technology (IT) is booming. With the survey and statistical tests, the level of IT implementation and Inventory Control Model (ICM) used by the companies were accessed. These were compared with the level of Demand and Supply Efficiency (DSE). The results implied that the efficiency of the supply chain is the efficiency of its weakest link. Merely implementing high tech IT won’t solve the problem. Centralized Inventory Control Model (CICM) will be needed to reduce the bullwhip effect. The plan to implement the CICM, by suggesting the change in the supply chain architecture was written.

This thesis work should be in the realm of consideration since only recently (September 2004), ‘Retailers Association of India’ (RAI) has been formed with the goal to improve overall retail business in India.