Mechanical properties, early age volume change, and heat generation of rapid, cement-based repair materials



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Currently, in Texas, there is a need for different repairs on pavements and bridge decks; rapid repair materials designed for these repairs are available but the service life and durability of these products are often inadequate. Thus, the goal for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is to implement repairs with an extended service life in a timely manner, in order to cause minimal disruption. Research performed under TxDOT Project 6723 (Development of Rapid, Cement-based Repair Materials for Transportation Structures) evaluated a wide range of rapid repair materials, including calcium aluminate cement (CAC), calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA), fly ash alkali activated blends, and ordinary portland cement. Some of the properties which contribute to a long-term service life are: mechanical properties, early-age volume change, and the heat evolution; often, the early-age development of these repair materials can cause later durability issues. These properties were examined through a variety of experiments and test in the laboratory, as well as, in the field.