Concretization of mythologies and symbols of public buildings: The Chicago Public Library



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Texas Tech University


The importance of each to nurturing and growing as a total individual cannot be overemphasized. They can be; however, as is often the case today, forgotten.

Therefore, it is time for an Insitiution of the Public to move positively into the societal realm and once again speak of the wonderful reasons why persons choose to live in a communal society. By using behavioral pattems and models constructed from the cultures within the City of Chicago as well as user interactive design processes, a New Central Library for the City of Chicago should be constructed which will once again speak of the needs, desires and aspirations of the people of Chicago. The Library's basic definition as a source of possibilities from which to draw self-enhancement can create the presently missing "common ground" upon which the diverse layering of cultures which comprise Chicago can gather. By constructing behavioral models and understanding the true symbols derived from the daily pattems of Chicago Citízens, The Central Public Library can celebrate major and minor pathways of everyday life while providing real and needed functions for all persons within the society of Chicago.