A lighting design for "The Threepenny Opera"



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Texas Tech University


This thesis will serve as a report of the Texas Tech University's production of The Threepenny Opera. The demonstration of the development and execution of the lighting design process of this specific production is the purpose of this document. Although research plays a role in the design process, this thesis is not a demonstration of scholarly research skills as required by some programs. It is, more accurately, an illustration of the design process.

This thesis is to record the lighting design process for Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera which was produced by Texas Tech University on November nineteenth through twenty-second, 1998. The location was on the University Theatre Mainstage, Lubbock, Texas. The production staff was as follows: directed by Jonathan Marks, scenic design by Frederik B. Christoffel, costume design by Elizabeth A. Pollard, choreography by Diana Moore, musical direction and sound design by Steve Paxton, and lighting design by Todd Proffitt.