Coordinating Skinner speech and Linklater voice for the beginning actor



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Texas Tech University


The following study explores the possibility of coordinating and syncopating the actor training process of Kristin Linklater voice and Edith Skinner speech. Although each methodology is heavily used in many acting programs, there is very little cross over between the two disciplines and many students who excel at one of these two methods often struggles with the other. Also, the strengths of each training method address the shortfalls of the other technique. With this in mind, I hope to coordinate these two methodologies in an attempt to negate the weak aspects of each training process with the strong aspects of the other process. I believe such coordination will also assist students in learning both the Skinner speech technique and the Linklater voice technique more completely.

The project has been written particularly focused on Texas Tech University, however the same principles could be applied to any liberal arts institution where students currently pursue a degree in acting.